PLDT, Smart empower employees through wellness initiatives


PLDT and Smart’s Wellness Revolution is an employee engagement program that provides a holistic and sustainable approach to wellness for the two telcos’ over 16,000-strong nationwide workforce.

To empower employees to take charge of their overall wellness, the PLDT group launched an array of programs and activities organized into four pillars – mental wellbeing, physical fitness, financial security, and spiritual health. To date, the Wellness Revolution programs have generated over 47,000 views.

“Taking care of our people is a core value that we live by. I believe that a healthy and motivated workforce is key to PLDT and Smart’s success and is fundamental to our organization-wide drive to lift the quality of service we provide to all our customers,” said Chief People Officer Gina OrdoƱez.

The Wellness Revolution Program strengthens PLDT and Smart’s commitment toward achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3, which stands for good health and wellbeing.

Since its launch in 2020, Wellness Revolution has produced a series of initiatives anchored on its pillars. These include #WorkoutFromAnywhere, which promotes fitness and wellbeing in the new normal through virtual workouts and wellness classes that enable employees to stay active, fit, and live a balanced lifestyle while working from home.

To provide mental and emotional support to their employees, PLDT and Smart also launched the Mind Your Health campaign, which focuses on the importance of mental health and supports employees’ mental health by providing webinars that share uplifting and insightful conversations on mental health and digital wellness.

In 2021, the Wellness Revolution Program and the Mind Your Health campaign received both Quill and Anvil Awards, two of the prestigious award-giving bodies in the Philippines that recognize outstanding public relations and community and internal stakeholder programs.

Promoting financial wellness, Common Cents is a program dedicated to helping and guiding employees to manage their finances to achieve financial freedom properly.

Meanwhile, Food for the Soul is an initiative that focuses on employees’ spiritual development, including mindfulness sessions, monthly masses, recollection, and worship nights.

Programs that advance workforce development is a vital part of the PLDT group’s drive to be among the top workplaces in the country. Last April, LinkedIn recognized PLDT wireless unit Smart anew for being the best workplace to grow one’s career. Smart ranked first and was the only telco on LinkedIn’s Top Companies 2022 PH.