WATERWALK RECORDS closes out the year with compelling worship releases from of Mercury’s Nathan Huang and newcomer Cherise Katrie



WATERWALK RECORDS, a label under Sony Music, focused on bringing fresh Christian music to a new, streaming generation, announces its latest batch of releases committed in delivering the breadth and richness of God’s teachings. 

Amplifying their spiritual journey through songs that resonate on a personal level, the label’s roster of faith-based music acts continues to inspire listeners to seek enlightenment in the face of adversity, and to believe in the higher being’s immeasurable grace and healing power.

Newly signed artist Cherise Katriel marks her official debut with the release of “Walang Katulad,” a stripped-down pop ballad that sings praise about God’s infinite and unconditional love. Produced by Jungee Marcelo, Katriel’s worship track aims to “shift your heart into gratefulness for God’s love.” 

The talented newcomer adds, “It's relaxing, comforting, soothing, and calming to listen to. I do believe the goal was reached because about a week after releasing it, one person messaged me and was sharing how stressed she was feeling, but when she listened to this song, it's as if she was being comforted.”

Serving in the ministry for years, Katriel was offered an opportunity to relay inspiring words of healing and worship. “Walang Katulad” is a refreshing introduction to her work as an artist: an honest, captivating material that paints a powerful imagery of divinity and praise.

“I am so blessed to be part of the WATERWALK RECORDS family because they have given me an opportunity to express my heart through music and they made a way for one of my compositions to get out there,” shares the new Christian pop artist. “Sir Jungee Marcelo has been so patient from the start and it has been a fun process.”

of Mercury’s Nathan Huang temporarily steps out of his frontman duties to release a soulful pop track that expresses his gratitude and love for God. “Fortress,” his first official song as a solo artist, features a smoky, powerful performance and a delicate arrangement designed to connect with the mass audience.

Apart from fronting his alternative rock outfit of Mercury, Huang has always been a firm believer of Christian Music’s purpose in sending an important message to its core following—be it expressing one’s praise and devotion, or connecting people to God in unique ways. “Fortress” bridges his intention with both subtlety and clarity, engaging every part of his being to impart hope and positivity. 

Huang co-produced “Fortress” with his former bandmate knōwmaad, deploying his soothing pipes with a sophisticated, modern approach. “I’ve always envisioned of having a Christian song that veers away from the usual Christian Contemporary sound,” says the prolific young artist. “We want something along the lines of Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar, but not necessarily abandon the genuine message of the lyrics.”

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Listen to their tracks:

Cherise Katriel – “Walang Katulad” 

Nathan Huang - “Fortress