PABLO of SB19 Breaks New Ground with 'AKALA': A Sonically Captivating Fusion of Rap and Atmosphere


PABLO SB19 Akala

After making waves with the revival of rap-rock in his recent release "Determinado," SB19's PABLO continues to push creative boundaries with his latest banger, "AKALA." This hard-hitting track not only showcases PABLO's versatility but also introduces a unique blend of hip-hop, trap beats, and atmospheric production. 

"AKALA" stands out as a departure from PABLO's previous works, featuring a distinctive sound that melds hip-hop sensibilities with trap beats and dreamy atmospheres. The song surprises listeners at every turn, reflecting a new level of creative inspiration in both songwriting and production.

The collaboration between PABLO and his brother Josue has proven to be a winning formula once again. Josue, co-producer of "Determinado" and SB19's viral hit "Gento," brings his expertise to "AKALA," contributing to its unique sonic landscape.

PABLO takes charge of the structural developments and dynamics of "AKALA," showcasing his growth as an artist. The majority of the lyrics were penned by PABLO himself, adding singing parts and a hook to enhance the overall musical arrangement.

The inception of "AKALA" took place during the pandemic when Josue presented a beat with a partially written verse about finding escape through alcohol. Despite differing views on alcohol consumption, PABLO found the concept intriguing. The song evolved as PABLO added his verse, introducing a fresh perspective by rearranging the letters of 'alak' to form "Akala."

PABLO emphasizes that "AKALA" isn't merely about getting wasted but explores the idea of finding escape. Despite differing practices regarding drinking, both brothers agree that alcohol isn't the solution to problems. The song incorporates perspectives from both artists, with even their mother contributing a line that adds depth and meaning to the narrative.

Departing from the intense and heavy instrumentation of his previous releases, PABLO describes "AKALA" as having a more laid-back, dreamy vibe. This shift in direction showcases the artist's versatility and ability to explore different musical territories.

With "AKALA," PABLO continues to prove his prowess as a versatile artist capable of pushing musical boundaries. The track's unique fusion of rap, trap beats, and atmospheric production, coupled with its meaningful lyrics, solidifies PABLO's position as a breakout artist. As "AKALA" resonates on digital music platforms worldwide, it marks another milestone in PABLO's journey to musical excellence.