Tindahan Extra Mile: Coca-Cola Philippines' Innovative Recycling Program Takes Metro Manila by Storm


Consumers in Metro Manila now have a convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of their empty PET bottles, thanks to the Tindahan Extra Mile (TEM) initiative. Coca-Cola Philippines, in collaboration with Basic Environmental Systems and Technologies, Inc. (BEST), has rolled out this Balik PET Bottle Program, involving over 2,200 sari-sari stores and carinderias. Not only does this program extend the life of PET bottles, but it also provides financial incentives for participating store owners.

Promoting Environmental Sustainability and Earning Incentives

The TEM collection bins are strategically placed in front of participating stores, making it easy for consumers to drop off their empty bottles and cans for recycling. After collection, PET bottles are weighed at each store, and the data is recorded in the store owner's bXTRA app account. Points are earned based on the quantity of bottles collected, and store owners can exchange these points for cash or opt to acquire Coca-Cola products and merchandise.

Carolina Catimbang

Carolina Catimbang, a store owner in Brgy. West Bicutan, expressed her gratitude, stating, “Malaking tulong sa amin ‘tong programa, kaya salamat talaga sa Coca-Cola. Kumikita na kami, nakatutulong pa kami sa kalikasan” (This program is a big help to us. We are earning while also helping the environment).

Inspiring Collective Action Toward Recycling

Lolita Repia

Store owners like Lolita Repia find inspiration in recycling, noting that it is exciting to know that the collected bottles will be reused. The program has gained such momentum that customers now automatically deposit their PET bottles in the bins, showcasing the success of collective action toward recycling.

PASCO National President Elilyn Gadia and National Treasurer Emma Alvarez commend the TEM Program for setting an example for children and promoting responsible waste management. They highlight the positive impact on children witnessing their parents segregating waste and cleaning their surroundings.

Advancing Circularity of Plastic Packaging

In 2024, Coca-Cola Philippines plans to expand the TEM Program to 2,400 stores, emphasizing its commitment to sustainability. The collected PET bottles are sent to PETValue Philippines, a groundbreaking partnership that enhances the circularity of plastic packaging.

PETValue facility

Jan Vincent Mercado, Senior Vice President for Business Development of BEST, praises the partnership, stating, “Our commitment to sustainability and waste innovation comes full circle through this partnership. Indeed, it is refreshing to walk the talk in circularity.”

Coca-Cola Philippines' commitment to plastic waste reduction is further exemplified by the introduction of new bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic. These innovative bottles are available in Coca-Cola Original (190ml), Wilkins Pure (500ml), and Sprite 500ml, contributing significantly to reducing the use of virgin plastics.

Coca-Cola Philippines' Tindahan Extra Mile program is not just a recycling initiative; it's a testament to how collaboration between corporations and local businesses can create positive environmental and economic impact. As the program expands, it inspires consumers and businesses alike to actively participate in the journey towards a more sustainable and circular future. To discover more about Coca-Cola Philippines’ recycling initiatives and locate the nearest collection points, consumers can visit the Coca-Cola Sustainability Hub.