Ballet Manila’s 26th Performance Season: A Harmonious Blend of Masterpieces and Filipino Magic


Ballet Manila 26th Performance Season

Ballet Manila, under the artistic direction of the esteemed Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, is set to captivate audiences with its 26th Performance Season, aptly named "Ballet Masterpieces." This season promises a spectacular showcase of technical brilliance, virtuosic feats, and enchanting storytelling, blending classical ballet masterpieces with timeless Filipino literary classics.

Le Corsaire: A Dazzling Reimagination

Kicking off the season on February 24 and 25, 2024, is the much-anticipated staging of "Le Corsaire," personally rechoreographed by Lisa Macuja-Elizalde. This classic tale of romantic adventure promises a fresh perspective, with the artistic director expressing her dream to redefine the narrative and highlight the strengths of each principal character. The ballet unfolds as a display of technical prowess, showcasing the talents of Ballet Manila's exceptional performers.

Tatlong Kwento ni Lola Basyang: Filipino Literary Classics in Ballet Form

In May, Ballet Manila brings the magic of well-loved Filipino tales to life with "Tatlong Kwento ni Lola Basyang." Partnering with Anvil Publishing, this production is based on Christine Bellen Ang's retelling of Severino Reyes' timeless stories. Anvil Publishing president Xandra Ramos Padilla emphasizes the significance of instilling pride in local art, noting that Lola Basyang's stories, beautifully translated into dance by Ballet Manila, have been cherished for generations.

Adding an extra layer of excitement is the presence of celebrated performing artist Mitch Valdes, who injects her signature wit and humor into the role of Lola Basyang. This unique fusion of local classics with world-renowned masterpieces is a rare opportunity for audiences to witness the richness of Filipino folklore on a classical ballet stage.

Giselle: An Ethereal Ballet of Love and Loss

Completing the season is the ethereal ballet "Giselle" in August and September. This romantic masterpiece explores themes of love, tragedy, and loss, providing a captivating conclusion to the "Ballet Masterpieces" season.

A Glance Into the Future: Florante at Laura, Ang Ibong Adarna, and Holiday Cheer

Looking ahead, Ballet Manila continues its commitment to excellence with the world premiere of Gerardo Francisco's and Martin Lawrance's cutting-edge version of "Florante at Laura" in October. In November, the Filipino classical tale "Ang Ibong Adarna," choreographed by Gerardo Francisco, will grace the stage at the Areté Theater, thanks to the ongoing partnership with Aréte Ateneo.

The holiday season will be filled with joy as Ballet Manila presents Lisa Macuja-Elizalde's take on "Snow White" from December 25 to 30, 2024, in the Holiday Cheer Series.

Rediscovering Classical Ballet and Filipino Culture

Lisa Macuja-Elizalde expresses hope that by the season's end, audiences will rediscover and develop a newfound appreciation for classical ballet and the vibrant Filipino culture that Ballet Manila passionately represents. The company's unwavering dedication to artistic excellence promises a season filled with magical performances that resonate with both local and international audiences.

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