Iza Calzado-Wintle chooses Aveeno Baby for Deia's Delicate Skin


Iza Calzado Wintle

Babies’ skin is incredibly delicate, making it vulnerable to environmental irritants, allergies, and genetic predispositions. These factors can contribute to issues such as dryness, itchiness, and conditions like eczema, causing distress for both babies and their moms, who naturally want the best care possible for their little ones.

The Discerning Nature of Today's Moms

With a plethora of choices to make every day, moms are now more discerning about the products they buy, especially when it comes to their baby’s skin. Modern moms are increasingly choosing products with natural ingredients, ensuring they are gentle and effective. Aveeno Baby stands out as a trusted ally for moms of babies with sensitive skin.

The Power of Oats in Aveeno Baby Products

Aveeno Baby harnesses the power of oats in its wash & shampoo and lotion products designed to address various skin concerns. Aveeno Baby’s Daily Moisture and Soothing Relief products contain natural colloidal oatmeal, which protects the skin, helping to lock in moisture while soothing sensitive to dry baby skin. Meanwhile, Dermexa, containing triple oat complex and ceramides, effectively addresses itchy, irritated skin.

Iza Calzado-Wintle: A Journey of Motherhood

New mom and Aveeno Baby brand ambassador, Iza Calzado-Wintle, celebrated for her authenticity and warmth, opened up about the transformative moment when she embraced motherhood at the recent Watson’s Mom and Baby Fair, held on May 12th at SM Mall of Asia Atrium, coinciding with Mother’s Day.

“Becoming a mother is like discovering a whole new purpose within yourself,” shared Calzado-Wintle. "It's a journey of love, growth, and vulnerability, where every tear shed, and every smile shared becomes a testament to the beauty of life."

Balancing Motherhood and Career

Iza also discussed how motherhood shifted her perspective on life and priorities, especially as she juggles her career as a beloved celebrity. "Motherhood has been a profound journey of self-discovery. It has taught me the importance of cherishing the present moment, embracing the imperfect beauty of life, and prioritizing what truly matters,” she said. “Balancing a career in the limelight with motherhood has been a delicate dance, filled with moments of doubt and triumph. But through it all, I’ve learned to trust my instincts, to lean on my loved ones for support, and to find brands like Aveeno Baby that really support us, especially Deia’s skin needs."

Embracing the Imperfections of Motherhood

Amidst the glitz and glamour of her career, Iza candidly shared her inner struggles of balancing her life with the quiet moments of motherhood, confronting issues of mom guilt and self-doubt. "Balancing the demands of motherhood and a career has been challenging, especially when grappling with feelings of mom guilt," she admitted. "There are times when I question if I'm doing enough for Deia. But I've learned that mom guilt is natural, a testament to the depth of our love. Through self-compassion, I've found strength and grace in embracing the imperfections of motherhood."

Choosing Aveeno Baby for Deia’s Delicate Skin

When asked about Deia’s delicate skin, Iza enthusiastically shared why she has chosen Aveeno Baby for her little one. “I really love using Aveeno Baby on Deia. I love that it’s very mild, yet effectively serves its purpose. I can see and feel how the power of Aveeno Baby’s oats helps in keeping Deia’s skin moisturized, especially when I hold and touch her soft, soothed skin.”

Aveeno Baby's Commitment to Moms and Babies

Aveeno Baby marketing manager, Claire Ericta Khadka, echoed Iza Calzado's sentiments, emphasizing the brand's unwavering commitment to supporting mothers in their quest for nurturing skincare solutions. "At Aveeno Baby, we understand that motherhood is a journey of the heart. Our products are formulated with love and care, designed to nurture both baby's delicate skin and a mother's soul in moments of tenderness and grace. Aveeno Baby harnesses the power of oat, specifically natural colloidal oatmeal, that provides the nourishment, moisturization, and protection to baby’s delicate skin. We aspire to give moms that sense of security that they too can care confidently and allow their babies to feel more comfortable with their skin.”

Expert Insights on Baby's Sensitive Skin

Doctor Gisella Adasa, a pediatric dermatologist, provided invaluable insights on understanding and nurturing baby's sensitive to compromised skin. They explored the reasons behind skin sensitivity in infants, offering guidance and support for parents navigating the delicate balance of caring for their little ones. "In the softness of a baby's touch lies a world of vulnerability. It is important that moms are able to support their babies’ sensitive skin by using products that are mild yet nurturing. It would be best if these products contain a mild yet effective ingredient like oats."

Aveeno Baby at Watsons’ Mom and Baby Fair

Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo

Aveeno Baby's presence at Watsons’ Mom and Baby Fair on Mother’s Day exemplifies their committed dedication to uplifting moms in their journey through motherhood. Through heartfelt conversations and trusted skincare solutions, Aveeno Baby and Iza Calzado-Wintle extend a hand of love and understanding, inviting mothers to embrace the tender beauty of their journey, one heartstring at a time.