James Reid Joins Sony Music Entertainment, Releases Heartfelt New Single "Hurt Me Too"


James Reid

James Reid is the latest addition to the growing Sony Music Entertainment family, joining a prestigious roster that includes SB19, Ben&Ben, Denise Julia, O SIDE MAFIA, and Clara Benin. With over a decade in the industry, Reid has become a key figure in contemporary pop and R&B music in the Philippines, captivating fans globally with his timeless jams.

A Decade of Musical Excellence

James Reid's career boasts chart-topping records, sold-out tours, and successful brand campaigns. As a music mogul, actor, and singer-songwriter, Reid masterfully balances commercial appeal with artistic independence, proving that mainstream success doesn't necessitate conforming to fleeting trends.

New Beginnings with Sony Music Entertainment

Embarking on his first project under Sony Music Entertainment, James Reid delves into the theme of heartbreak with his new single, "Hurt Me Too." This stripped-down ballad, produced by Tim Marquez, showcases Reid's vulnerability as he reflects on past love with a mix of fondness and pain.

“I wrote the song three years ago together with Seth Reger, an artist from LA,” Reid shares. “He really helped me tap into these emotions that I didn’t even know I was feeling at that moment.”

A New Musical Direction

"Hurt Me Too" signifies a pivotal shift in James Reid's musical and lyrical approach, marking the beginning of a new era for the artist. Reid emphasizes that this song is just the start of a more storytelling-focused album, aiming to transform personal experiences and memories into inspiring music.

“For this next album I’m working on, I wanted to focus on the core of who I am as a songwriter with minimal but intentional music production. ‘Hurt Me Too’ is like a palate cleanser for me in a way that it introduces a change in sound and direction,” Reid explains.

Visual Storytelling

The emotional depth of "Hurt Me Too" is further amplified by a music video directed by Reid's close friend, Elena Virata. The simple yet powerful concept captures unreleased emotions and frustrations, adding a visual layer to the song's heartfelt narrative.

James Reid’s “Hurt Me Too” is now available on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment. As Reid continues to evolve as an artist, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in his musical journey.

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