The FACE Shop


I was not aware of The Face Shop brand until 2008 when a friend introduced me to the brand. The Face Shop is a Korean cosmetic brand founded in 1962 as a wholesale manufacturer. The brand went into retail in 2003 and launched its first retail store in Myungdong. 

I have been on a lookout for cosmetic products that is skin-friendly considering the fact that I have a very sensitive skin. I have read on The Face Shop's website that their product has combined the benefits of both nature and science. I have also read positive reviews from other girls with sensitive skins who are using The Face Shop and are very satisfied with how their skins react with the products. 

I've been using this product since then and my favorite is the Quick and Clean line. The serum control toner and the mild emulsion work well with my skin. I make sure I always have a stock of the toner because most of the time the stores in my country run out of stock and I'll have to wait for the shipment to arrive from Korea.

During my recent visit to their store, I bought a nail polish and I fell in love with it. I love the color and how the polish glides on my nail. I'm way too conservative with nail colors and this color matched my preference.

The blemish balm cream or more commonly known as BB Cream is the latest craze among Asian women. I am currently using a different brand which I am kinda satisfied but I'm still on a hunt for something better so I will definitely try The Face Shop's BB Cream soon.