Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011


My husband wants this so bad. He wouldn't settle for any other shoes. We went mall hopping just to find a pair that fits. Nike stores in our country do not carry a complete line of new products and most have limited stocks and sizes. This is one disadvantage of living in the Philippines -- the availability of great merchandise. We often resort to buying online and have stuff delivered to us. Our Ferrari polo shirts were even shipped from Germany. The shipping cost is.. oh forget it.

I will not really understand how wonderful this pair is.  He said it is lightweight and thus create quickness. My husband is already good in playing basketball. I'm sure this shoes will make him even better. I believe in Nike shoes technology because I have a pair of Nike Air Max 90. And the shoes feel different compared to other brands. So they say, Rajon Rondo is comfortable with Nike Zoom Hyperfuse 2011 as he take on his defenders and Russell Westbrook is quicker than anybody else as he get from baseline to baseline... I say, I wanna watch my husband on his upcoming tournament and see how he play in his new pair of shoes.