Aerodance: Losing 5 Pounds and a Phone


I have been attending the night aerodance sessions at Marikina Sports Park and last night, I lost more than I should. I shed a few pounds, sweat myself out... and lost my Samsung Galaxy (which was a replacement of a previously stolen Samsung phone).

Things I should remember:

1. Marikina is not as safe as it used to be. It was waaay better when the Fernandos were in charged of the city.

2. The guards are useless. They did not offer any help. They were making useless remarks. And just to shut me up, asked me to write my name and address on the cover of a notebook (I'm not even sure if it's a logbook or if he'll ever make a report of the incident.)

3. Never trust anymore.

4. Switch to another brand! (Hahaha!!!)

And by the way, my home and car keys were tied (two knots) to the phone case. And the phone case was hidden under a pile of shirts inside another bag. The thief managed to leave the keys. And the thief was able to steal another phone.

This incident will NOT stop me from dancing!

But I do hope Marikina will do something about this. I was told lots of people's stuff get stolen at the sports park.

Sad. Sad. Sad.

I wish the thief is not a Marikenyo.