The Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix Drama


2013 Formula One Malaysian Grand Prix Podium Finishers

It rained. Oh well, it always rain in Malaysia's race.
Kimi Raikkonen was penalized and started 10th position instead of 7th.
Fernando Alonso was out early in the race.
Lewis Hamilton found himself in the McLaren garage.
A very bad pit stop for Jenson Button.

And just when I thought that the drama was over, we were presented with very unhappy podium finishers.

But this Red Bull Webber-Vettel and Mercedes Hamilton-Rosberg drama is a good break from the drama of Kris Aquino and James Yap (president's sister/basketball player) and Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista (senator/very rich actress). Never mind readers. Most of you probably do not know them. Although they seem to be of national interest here, don't waste your time googling about them and their issues.

Back to the Formula One drama which I never expected...

I feel bad for Mark Webber. He has the right to be furious.

I don't really hate Vettel after the incident. He did wrong. I just can't hate him. No, I'm not a big fan. I like that he is bold and daring. I believe he's great. Needs some coaching though. He was selfish in this race. I just don't get why he did that for an extra 8 points. It's just the second race of the year.

I feel bad for Hamilton and Rosberg. They are good friends. Hamilton won but with a heavy heart. He doesn't feel he deserved the third spot. But they have to do what they have to do. At least, the Mercedes incident is easier to accept. I don't think the friendship and the relationship as teammates suffered as much as the awkward situation the Red Bull drivers are facing.

Three weeks to China... let's wait and see.