What To Do In Baguio: Visit Good Shepherd Convent


Your Baguio vacation isn't complete if you don't head over to the Good Shepherd Convent. This place is very popular among tourists because of the yummy "pasalubongs". I bet many people do not know what the Good Shepherd Convent is all about. Tourists, including me, go straight to the pasalubong counter upon arriving at the convent without taking notice of the other areas of the property. I've been here a couple of times and it was only during my recent visit with my sisters that I was able to roam around.

This property and the original residence at the top of the hill had been a gift of the city of Baguio to William Cameron Forbes in 1908, in gratitude for his role in the development of Baguio. Forbes named the property Topside.

William Cameron Forbes was Governor General of the Philippines from 1909 to 1913. He was the grandson of Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Under Forbes administration, Kennon Road, Naguilian Road, Burnham Park, Mansion House, Baguio Country Club and many other projects were completed. It was under his watch that Baguio became the summer capital of the Philippines.

In 1948, the Good Shepherd Sisters bought the property from Mrs. Elsie McCloskey Gaches. It is where the convent and the Mountain Maid Training Center now stand.

The Good Shepherd Centennial Staff symbolizes the Good Shepherd Sisters presence and mission in the Philippines for one hundred years (1912-2012). The Religious Good Shepherd Regional Centennial Celebration was last January 5-6, 2012.

The property has a well-maintained garden. A variety of flowering plants beautifully decorated the area.

This is a view from the gazebo. It was raining that afternoon and the huge gazebo served as a refuge for the tourists.

On the other side of the gazebo, you'll see Rachael's Wishing Well. Aside from your real wish, you also need to wish for your coin to hit the well.

Aim well! You've got to throw the coin from up here..

There is also the Stations of the Cross. Many Catholics pray here during the Holy Week.

Mountain Maid Training Center (MMTC) stands for the Good Shepherd Sisters, the lay staff, the student workers and the men and women in the fields and orchards that aret he sources of Mountian Maid products. It stands as well for those who stay in line to buy those products, especially those who do so, knowingly that they are sending students through college who would otherwise be among the countless Filipino youth with dreams unfulfilled. (source: http://www.goodshepherdsisters.org.ph/mmtc)

The pasalubong shop is very organized. There's a price list at the side where you can write your orders. There are windows designated for bulk orders and an express lane for those buying 10 items or less.

Strawberry Jam is the most famous product of Mountain Maid Training Center. See the whole strawberries? So yummy. We don't patronize any other brand.

My favorite Ube Jam. The bottle was still warm when I bought this. And yeah, that's how I eat the jam.. no bread needed.

15 Gibraltar Road, 2600 Baguio City
Telefax (074) 424 11 09 - Convent
Telefax (074) 442 3865 - Center