What To Do In Baguio: Visit Mines View Park and Souvenir Shops


A short walk from the Good Shepherd Convent, you will find numerous souvenir shops to bring home to family and friends. The prices are very reasonable and competitive.

My sister bought t-shirts worth P120, dream catcher keychain worth P10 and a bag worth P120.

Bought this refrigerator magnet for P25 to add to my collection.

And this panda cap for P150. A similar cap is sold at a souvenir shop in Victory Liner terminal for P250!

We weren't able to explore Mines View Park. The place is empty like a ghost town. The rain started pouring heavily and the uneven pavement is very slippery we decided it's not safe to keep going. Almost no cab arriving at the area. We took a jeep back to the city. Fare is P10. We alighted somewhere near Burnham Park. Still, all cabs are occupied. We decided to walk back to the hotel.