A Father's Search For His Korean-American Twins Born 1967


"My name is Allen Thomas and I am looking for my son and daughter, whom I've not seen since they were lost to me over 40 years ago. I was an American soldier in South Korea, met and married their mother, had our twins, and then lost them when I had to return stateside and she would not return with me, or allow me to take the children. By the time I was able to make arrangements to go back for the children and fight for custody, she had adopted them out and would not give me any information regarding their whereabouts. I have been searching for decades, unsuccessfully, but have decided that perhaps Facebook could help me to find them. Please pass this around and help me find my children. Thank you." 

Sandia Lynn Thomas

James Allen Thomas

Fraternal twins – boy & girl – born in Seoul, Korea, at Songnim Gynaecology, Namyong-dong, Seoul, on September 10, 1967. The twins were adopted out by their mother in the late 1970’s. Their names were James Allen Thomas and Sandia Lynn Thomas. The mother’s name was Sun Kun Thomas, born December 5, 1942. Father, Allen Thomas, was U.S. Army. We have photo’s, birth certificates, and other legal documents. Would very much like to find both children.

A community feast honoring the 1st birthday of Mr. Allen Thomas' twins. 
He and his wife, the twins, and her child from a previous relationship 
(who she has kept, as far as we know, and not adopted out)

Let us help Mr. Allen Thomas find his children. Please share this article to reach as many people as possible that may lead to the whereabouts of Sandia and James. 

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