Pintig Puso Foundation: Art For A Cause


Do you have an artwork (digital art, painting, sketch) that you are willing to sell for a cause?  You can name your price and once sold, all the proceeds will be donated to Pintig Puso Foundation of the Philippine Heart Center.

For more information, please get in touch with Avie at (63) 906.207.8877

About Pintig Puso Foundation

The Philippine Heart Center (PHC) Pintig Puso Foundation came into being as a response to seeing indigent in-patients of the Adult Cardiology Division with symptomatic bradycardia (dangerously “slow heart rates”) restrained to bed for weeks or months because of temporary transvenous pacemakers placed through the groin causing undue protracted hospitalizations simply because they could not afford to buy the life-saving permanent cardiac pacemakers that they need. This was in July of 2002. The PHC Pintig Puso Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit organization was established — a then emerging hope for this predicament. Dr. Noe Babilonia, head of the Adult Cardiology, together with eleven other incorporators, including Adult Cardiology staff members as well as hospital employees from the Finance and Social Services Division joined hearts and minds to realize this hope.

Its objective was to raise funds to help these indigent patients procure their permanent cardiac pacemakers. With meager financial capacity, the Foundation holds and mainly relies upon, up until now, on its annual Post-Graduate Scientific Courses to generate funds for the pacemaker needs of these patients. In the recent years, we’ve seen the needs grow and so we decided to include giving out other kinds of cardiovascular devices in addition to pacemakers. These patients are qualified social welfare patients who do not have means of acquiring these devices by themselves.

Years and years after its inception (we’re going on 12 this year!) and to date, a total of 68 pacemakers given out to indigent patients, the Foundation continues to reach out and help as we remain steadfast and true to our mission:

We are men and women

We enable our fellowmen to have a second chance at life

We make it simple

We love life

This we are infinitely grateful to and we make possible through the help of our annual Post-Graduate Scientific Courses’ sponsors and benefactors, and other kind-spirited institutions, companies and individuals who have helped us by way of financial or “in kind pacemaker donations”

Surely a lot more will be needing and surely, we will be scampering to help…

Everyday is an occasion to fill other people’s bucket. Help us fill that bucket…

One pacemaker at a time, we know we all can make a difference. A second chance at life.