Philam Vitality: Know Your Health. Improve Your Health. Enjoy The Rewards.


I took the Philam Vitality test yesterday and my vitality age result was 47. That is 8 years older than my real age. Kinda alarming, right? I've been trying to stay fit and healthy but I guess I'm not doing well enough.

Today's fast-paced urban lifestyle has exposed many of us, from young adults to professionals alike, to many stressors that have a huge negative impact on our health. Heavy traffic on the daily commute, long work hours, a sedentary lifestyle, the proliferation of processed and fast food choices, stress-induced drinking and smoking, all these contribute to higher risks that can affect our family's quality of life.

According to the UK-based Oxford Health Alliance, around 60% of deaths worldwide are caused by four epidemic chronic diseases: diabetes, cardiovascular disease, chronic lung disease, and some cancers. In order to prevent premature death and incapacity due to these diseases, we must be able to address three major risk factors: tobacco consumption, poor diet and physical inactivity.

With these realities in mind, Philam Life, the Philippines' premier life insurance company, has introduced Philam Vitality, the first in the market, science-backed wellness programme that rewards its members for getting healthy. As a global brand, Vitality is present in several countries with millions of members and makes use of incentives to encourage members to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors. By bringing vitality to the Philippines through the Philam Vitality program, Philam Life pioneers giving real focus on healthy living.

Mr. Axel Bromley, CEO Philam Life

"People normally associate life insurance with protection and savings products to prepare them for life's uncertainties. At Philam Life, we are committed to take it further by helping people live longer and healthier lives so that they could spend more time with the people who matter to them the most.", shares Axel Bromley, CEO of Philam Life. "Philam Vitality will empower more and more Filipinos with the information and the tools to know and improve their health, and to enjoy longer and fuller lives."

Philam Vitality comes with THREE SIMPLE COMPONENTS to help people live healthier:


With Philam Health Vitality Review, users will be able to take an online assessment through their desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones and see if their Philam Vitality Age matches their actual age.

Members can also assess their current state of health through partners such as Makati Medical Center (for check-ups and vaccinations), Hi-Precision Diagnostics (for laboratory procedures such as blood tests and x-rays), and GAOC (Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center) for dental care.

Mr. Jaime Jose D. Javier Jr., Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer

"These assessments help you find out which parts of your overall health are on track and which areas you can improve. It's very empowering to know your health status so that you can take control of all the facets of your life.", says Jaime Jose D. Javier Jr., Philam Life Chief Marketing Officer.


With Philam Vitality, members can achieve better health for less, at partners such as Gold's Gym for gym memberships; Toby's Sports, Garmin, and Polar for fitness gear and other devices; and Makati Medical Center for smoking cessation program.

Members start with Vitality status of Bronze and move their way up to Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels as they earn points for every assessment test and activity done within the program.

"The more points you earn, the higher Vitality status you achieve, and the greater your rewards.", explains Mr. Javier. "We'll take care of tracking your points through our integrated systems so that all you'll need to think of is to get better and fitter each day."


Vitality members also earn discounts on premiums of selected insurance plans. By purchasing a Philam Vitality Series insurance plan from Philam Life or BPI-Philam, members can get upfront discounts on first year premiums and continue to enjoy discounts in succeeding years by improving their health.

"Philam Vitality is unprecedented in the Philippines. We are grateful to have our esteemed partners on board as we encourage members to take charge of their health. Ultimately, a full life should be healthy, fun and rewarding and we want to be part of that process.", says Mr. Bromley.

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