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I never thought that a job posting on facebook will change my outlook for 2016. I started the year feeling depressed. The inevitable truth that I'm turning 40 and the lack of significant achievement made me restless. I almost considered giving the corporate world another try just to prove to myself that I still can compete in the rat race.

When Kathy posted on a blogger group that she needs writers, I was a bit hesitant to submit sample articles. Me? Writer? Nahiya naman ako. But a few days before I saw the job post, I prayed to God that He direct me to the right path. With hesitation, I e-mailed Kathy.  

When opportunity knocks, don't let fear hold you back. Open the door and embrace the opportunity that has come forth.

One of the articles I published on PSST.Ph is A Letter To My Almost Lover. I wrote this years ago and was lodged on draft. I was so delighted when it got 79 facebook shares.


In the past years, I’ve been a prisoner of our happy place. I frequent it a lot. I bet you don’t. I’ve got a feeling you don’t even think about me anymore. But you cross my mind at least once a day. Everyday. There are times when I wonder — what if? But it’s too messy and complicated. Ours is something that started with a web of lies. It will never work out. 

An article about an advocacy close to my heart, Biliary Atresia: Stories of Filipino Families Racing Against Time To Raise Funds got 293 facebook shares and 4,139 views.

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I must be doing something right! I have never been happier. I love the team at PSST.Ph. It feels like belonging to a family. Everybody is encouraging and supportive. I'm also proud of the team's achievement in the past two months.

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