Online teaching has become one of the most popular career nowadays. For example, in 51Talk, the country’s fastest growing online English Language Teaching (ELT) platform, there are currently about 6,000 online teachers and counting. As many may want to consider teaching online, one must understand that it is as noble as classroom teaching and as professional. 

Here are the most common myths and the actual truth about a craft that requires passion:

Myth #1: Teaching online does not require a lot of skill nor training.

Fact: While it is true that experience is not required for you to be an online English teacher, it is crucial that you develop the skills for it and receive substantial training. A person may have the gift for speaking well and confidently, but he or she may not necessarily have the capacity or demeanour to teach and listen patiently to students. You need proper training for you to have the right mind-set and develop the appropriate skill sets. In 51Talk, all the online teachers get thorough training — and it is not just a matter of knowing what and how to teach. The teachers are also taught how to motivate and encourage.

Myth #2: You can teach any way you want and do anything you want while teaching online. 

Fact: The skill level and learning pace and style of the student must come into consideration first. You can apply your own teaching style as long as it agrees with the appropriate teaching method. Moreover, you may not be physically with the student, but you must give your full attention to him or her. The student must never feel neglected.

Myth #3: Online teaching is not as in-depth as a personal or face-to-face tutorial. 

Fact: Online teaching does not make the lessons or your interaction with the student any less real or substantial. Provided that you use the appropriate tools, materials and teaching style, and display the right attitude, your online teaching can be just as in-depth and significantly productive as a face-to-face tutorial.

Myth #4: Online teaching becomes a drag eventually, because you end up doing the same thing over and over again. 

Fact: Online teaching is far from being a drag because as the students evolve and improve their skill, so do your own style and skills as well. Moreover, you need to regularly review and revise teaching materials to make them new and relevant. Lastly, there is also the immense fulfillment that you get whenever you see a student improve — that will never get old and boring.

Teaching online requires commitment, discipline, and effort, but it also promises personal and professional development and immense satisfaction. You can see for yourself how fulfilling it can be to teach online by joining 51Talk as a home-based or office-based teacher. Interested to teach with the best, visit www.51talk.com/ph.

51Talk is the largest online English education provider in China. Operating internationally in multiple sites in China and overseas, 51Talk has millions of registered users, over 6000 online English teachers.


  1. Even in learning languages, non-native English speaking countries are outsourcing to other countries. I know for example in China, certified English teachers are paid high salaries, especially if the teacher comes from native-English speaking countries.

  2. A very helpful post for people like me who are considering this career. Intelligent points highlighted in this article as well. After reading this, I'm seriously thinking of teaching English even on weekends.

  3. My sister teaches online and I know how much work she puts into her class. I think in a way she has to be on top of her game because her students are emailing her and contacting her all the time trying to figure out the answers. I definitely think that they work hard. Your list is right!

  4. Wow I get to learn so much by just being online and reading other people's blog. I had no clue about online teaching. This was very very informative.

  5. Online teaching as a profession is growing in India. People who had innovated 5-7 years back in this area are millionnaires.

  6. I think teaching and learning online is awesome! It gives more opportunities to more people. I’m a yoga teacher and I agree with number one, such as in my case, being good at yoga doesn’t necessarily mean you’d be a good teacher. You also need to explain well, and be good at encouraging and motivating. As for 2 and 3, although I’ve never taken an online class, definitely I know from experience of talking to people for personal reasons online that you can still have a personal connection, and you can feel if the person is concentrating on you or not. And lastly, teaching only becomes a drag if the teacher makes it so. If you continually evolve, online classes are a great way for people to learn, just as good as face to face

  7. I have never been on this side of the line, I am usually the student in an online class (not English, but marketing). I find some of the courses really well developed, very interactive and you can see the teachers are punting a lot of work into each lesson. I think the best lessons ares the ones you have to pay for, as then the teachers are also motivated to give you their best.

  8. This is something that I would love to try if I had extra time. I even want to take an online course. I always say that the Internet has made our lives easier and this includes learning.

    I'd disagree with people who'd say that online teaching is not as in-depth or effective as face-to-face teaching. Learning is not entirely on the method and on the teacher. The other 75$ of it is the student's part.

  9. I've seen local ads of 51Talk, actually the advertisement is really inviting since I needed some moonlight or sideline. Two of my cousins are online English teachers and they are convincing me to try it.

  10. Very informative and helpful for myth busting. I have a friend who is going overseas this year to teach english, she may be into this so I will send her the link!

  11. I'm not a teacher myself but I have taken 9 (maybe 10?) MOOC and the teachers were very important for me to understand and learn.


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