A Mother's Plead: Wanted Liver Donor for Ndrei


I was at The Medical City Ortigas this morning when I saw a familiar face at the taxi bay. I stared at her for a few more seconds just to make sure. It was Ndrei's mom who I bumped into. The last time I saw her was two years ago during the Biliary Atresia Pre and Post Transplant Patients Christmas Party. Ndrei was on a wheelchair back then. But this kid is a fighter. 

I am religiously following his facebook account https://www.facebook.com/livertransplant4Ndrei/  and I've seen how he has been fighting for dear life. His mom is also not giving up. Drawing strength from her beloved Ndrei, she was able to raise the needed funds. But there is a bigger problem. There is no available liver donor for Ndrei.

He was hospitalized already in Davao and was in critical condition before they flew to Manila. The need for liver transplant is urgent. 

Here's a screen capture from Ndrei's fundraising Facebook page:

If you know someone who is willing to be an organ donor for Ndrei, please get in touch with Rubi at 0905.497.3654 or 0999.543.9981 They are also accepting any help you can extend. Ndrei has been confined in Medical City Ortigas since June 27, 2016.

I felt so helpless this morning. The only thing I could do was hug Rubi and somehow give her the assurance that Ndrei will find a donor soon. 

Please include Ndrei in your prayers. It will also be a big help if you could SHARE this article and hopefully through this Ndrei will find a liver donor.