Do You Know Your Ikigai?


It's a rainy Tuesday and I was lazily lying on my bed when suddenly I thought of browsing my 2015 Belle de Jour Power Planner. Written on my 2015 financial goals were monetize my blog and have a freelance work. My blog has been earning a few cents on Google Adsense but I didn't land any freelance work last year. The reason why I was a bit depressed during the last few weeks of 2015 and the first week of 2016. 

When I received my personalized BDJ planner last year, I was so excited to fill in the pages. The most difficult part for me though was answering the question, "What's your Ikigai?" That part of the planner remained empty except for the three words I wrote under "That Which You Love".

What is Ikigai?

Ikigai is the reason why you get up in the morning. For me, it is the reason why I am excited to get up in the morning. I used to waste my life away staying in bed all day. For months I've been suffering from depression. 


Are you doing something that you love? Hmm.. I think so.
Is it something that the world needs? I don't know.
Are you good at it? I'd like to think I am.
Can you be paid for it? Hopefully.


Are you doing something that you love? Yes!
Is it something that the world needs? Definitely!
Are you good at it? I am and I keep getting better.
Can you be paid for it? I am paid for it!

PSST.Ph is the best thing that happened to me in January. I was broke and I was almost convinced that although I love what I am doing, I am not good enough to get paid for doing it. I was not even sure I'm fit for the freelance job offered. I just grabbed the opportunity and see how far it will take me. I'm on my 7th month with PSST and I am so blessed to be #PartOfTheStory

Have you been in the same situation I was months ago? Devote time to reflect and answer the questions to know your Ikigai.