LifeScience: The Functional Medicine Approach


Would you rather invest on your wellness than spend on your sickness? We often neglect our health until such time that our body make us pay for all the abuse we did over the years. The best time to take charge of our health is now. I must admit that I waited until I am forty to start taking serious care of my health. 

I was invited at the LifeScience Center for Wellness and Preventive Medicine last June 6, 2017 and I learned about Functional Medicine. It is a science-based approach to health and what makes it different from the traditional medical practice is that it is tailored to the needs of the patient. You will be asked to answer a thick questionnaire in order for the doctors to know your medical history, your lifestyle habits, your work and environment, and your genetics. The data gathered and knowledge will help the doctors to practice proactive, predictive, and personalized treatment. It also empowers the patient to have an active role with his own health.

Services Offered
  • Functional and Advanced Systems Based Diagnostics
  • Customized Nutraceuticals
  • Core Nutrition Program
  • Weight and Metabolic Management
  • Reverse Chronic Disease Program
  • Kinesis Program
  • Inherited Disease Screening and Intervention
To learn more and experience the benefits of Functional Medicine, visit LifeScience Center for Wellness and Preventive Medicine at 8F Accralaw Tower, Bonifacio Global City. For more information, visit the website