Start Your Own Blog With These Niches


I started blogging in 2004. The articles were purely personal. I don't know if any of you have heard about Tabulas but it was through this platform that I realized I really love to write. When tabulas was no longer available, I searched for another platform and learned about blogspot. It was in 2013 that I decided to pursue what I love. Snapped and Scribbled was born and here I am 470,000 visitors and counting.

I totally turned my back from the corporate and followed my mantra " let what you love be what you do". Many friends have been asking me how to be a blogger. They thought it's all about attending events, travels, food, freebies, and perks. They thought it's an easy way to earn money. I say blogging is all about passion. Money will eventually come. 

If you want to be a blogger, it is very important that you find a niche you are really interested to write about. Remember that you need to build an audience if you want to earn from blogging. Here are some of the niches that have great following you might be interested.


Starting a food blog is very expensive and diet should not be in your vocabulary. You will not earn right away from a food blog. You will actually spend a lot as a newbie. Photography skills are also very important. You must be able to entice your readers through your food photos. Have you seen my FOODIECHEATDAY Instagram? I curated the photos of all the food served on my restaurant reviews and foodie meet up invites in my food niche instagram. 

TIP: It is also an advantage if you have an account with ZOMATO. If you share great, honest reviews on their site, you'll have a chance of getting invited to foodie meet ups exclusive to members.

One of my popular food articles is the Heat Stroke Grill in Marikina. Check out the photos and the write up!


Whether you are a budget traveler, a backpacker, or a money-is-not-an-issue type of traveler, there are people who are interested to read about the places you've been to. Make sure that you offer them information that they won't find in other travel bloggers' articles. 

My Universal Studios Singapore offers tips on how to make the most of your Day Pass and this has been read 14,425 times.

How To

People search the internet for DIY projects and crafts. If you are good in creating awesome stuff, you can use your blog not just to share How To instructions but you can also use it to set up your online store and sell materials for projects or find customers who are interested with your product.


Do you love sharing your #OOTD on your social media accounts? A fashion blog is perfect for you. And if brands start noticing you, you'll get  invites to exclusive fashion events, shopping spree, and sponsorship!

Health and Fitness

I recently started a new blog that is all about health and fitness. People nowadays are more health conscious and are looking for ways to keep fit. I got really serious with health and fitness when I turned forty last year and what started out as a #FitAtForty hashtag on my instagram eventually made me create It's all about health, fitness, and wellness for people who are forty and beyond. But it's also a great read for those who wants to start taking care of their health early in life.

These are some of the popular niches. You can also find blogs about technology and gadgets, anime, entertainment, photography, kdrama, and even horticulture. You must decide first which one you would like to focus on. 

Are you ready to start your own blog?