Lookna - Hyperlocal Search Engine For Business Advertising


The term hyperlocal can be used as a noun in isolation or as a modifier of some other term (e.g. news). It connotes having the character of being oriented around a well defined, community scale area with a primary focus being directed towards the concerns of its residents. When used in isolation it refers to the emergent ecology of data (including textual content), aggregators, publication mechanism and user interactions and behaviors which center on a resident of a location and the business of being a resident."

Today, we have satellite, social networks, and mobile devices to reach out to local markets. Since people first began exchanging ideas, goods, and services, they have been using one form or another of hyperlocal marketing. The conspicuous rise of internet users, surge of payment options, a proliferation of geolocation aware devices and suitable demographics have paved the way for hyperlocal businesses. There is no telling where technology will take us in fifty years, but whatever new hi-tech developments and gadgets become available, you can be assured that everyone from teens to preachers to businesses will find new ways to get their message out to others. Hyperlocal marketing will be around long after the term itself, "hyperlocal," becomes old news. History has already proven that.

Hyperlocal describes as a very specific area, locally (in proximity) very close to home (or, your place of business.) Examples include the people in your office, local park, driving down the main street, and everyone else within walking or driving distance to a particular destination, or, that are united somehow into one identifiable community.

There are three simple tips you can follow to get the ball rolling and start improving your rankings immediately.

-Include hyperlocal keywords. 

We would like to make things easier and fair in Lookna. Forget the old ways of research and composing of ads in limited characters. We provide simple and straightforward listing that shows important information about your business such as your business name, address, operating hours & more.

-Insert your business address. 

Lookna has a map feature that enables you to drag the map marker to correctly pin your location, thus allowing possible clients to know where your physical location is. This can be an advantage as clients can drop by your store or business location to do business with you personally.

-Provide your name, address, and phone number in multiple directories.

Managing your Lookna Advertiser’s Account: 

Your User Profile - contains the information you have entered into Lookna. This includes your Personal Information, Account Information and the verification documents you have submitted. Your Dashboard - displays the listings you have created. Messages - your conversations with services provider you have contacted. Billing Account - This is where the payment methods, preferences, billing history and subscriptions are.

Hyperlocal platforms solve the problem of matching immediate demand with the nearest available supply in the most optimized manner. For example, if you need your air conditioner fixed, wish to order food from a fine dining restaurant or want to get a haircut within the comforts of your drawing room, just look to the nascent and yet gigantic hyperlocal ecosystem for a solution.