How To Be A Philhealth Sponsored Member


Every first week of January, I make sure that I have paid my annual Philhealth contribution. Eversince I left my corporate work, I changed my membership status from Formal Economy to Informal Economy (voluntary) member to continue my coverage. It is sad that many Filipinos do not see the importance of a Philhealth insurance membership. Getting sick is very expensive and Philhealth helps in subsidizing the medical costs. For voluntary members, the contribution is only 200 pesos a month. 

Every Filipino with a mobile phone who can afford to buy a cellphone load 
can definitely afford the Philhealth monthly contribution.

Philhealth is a health insurance program that provides health insurance coverage for citizens of the Philippines who are members. There are seven types of membership: Formal Economy Members, Informal Economy Members, Indigent Members, Sponsored Members, Overseas Filipinos Members, Senior Citizen Members, and Lifetime Members. I'll be writing a series of articles to discuss the different memberships available in order to encourage Filipinos to become a member. For this article, I'll be sharing with you guidelines on how to be a Philhealth Sponsored Member.

What is a Philhealth sponsored member?

A Philhealth Sponsored Member is a member whose monthly contribution is being paid for by another individual. He can also be sponsored by a government agency or a private entity. 

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Who are qualified? (source: Philhealth)

  • Members of the informal economy from the lower income segment who do not qualify for full subsidy under the means test rule of the DSWD, whose premium contribution shall be subsidized by the LGUs or shall be through cost-sharing mechanisms between/among LGUs, and/or legislative sponsors, and/or other sponsors and/or the member, including the National Government;
  • Orphans, abandoned (children who have no known family willing and capable to take care of them and are under the care of the DSWD, orphanages, churches and other institutions) and abused minors, out-of-school youths, street children, persons with disability (PWD), senior citizens and battered women under the care of the DSWD, or any of its accredited institutions run by NGOs or any non-profit private organizations, whose premium contributions shall be paid for by the DSWD;
  • Barangay health workers, nutrition scholars, barangay tanods, and other barangay workers and volunteers, whose premium contributions shall be fully borne by the LGUs concerned; and
  •  Un-enrolled women who are about to give birth, whose premium contributions shall be fully borne by the National Government and/or LGUs and/or legislative sponsors or the DSWD if such woman is an indigent as determined by it through the means test.

If you wish to sponsor someone or if you know someone who is qualified to be sponsored by a government agency or a private entity, encourage that person to visit the nearest Philhealth Office and secure a copy of the Philhealth Member Registration Form. You can also download the form HERE.

For more information, visit or you may call (+632) 441-7442