Get Your Child Into Sports This Summer With Milo Summer Sports Clinics


I was never physically active when I was a child. Summers were spent doing DIY, crafts and arts with my siblings and cousins. We were 5 girls and 1 boy. The unico ijo became a competitive swimmer while the girls enrolled at Yamaha School of Music.

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I learned my first sport when I was 30. My husband was back from his US trip and brought home a tennis racket for me. He got me a coach at Marikina Sports Center and later on continued training at Park Ridge in Antipolo. I can say I can hit the ball but I'm far from being good tennis player yet. I stopped playing and it has been ages since I last stepped on the court until I was invited at the launch of Milo Summer Sports Clinic.

The longest running and most participated sports program in the country will offer training in 18 different sports: Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Chess, Crossfit for Kids, Fencing, Football, Futsal, Golf, Gymnastics, Ice Skating, Karatedo, Tennis, Parkour, Swimming, Table Tennis, Touch Rugby, and Volleyball.

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Tennis coach Kevin Mamawal and Guia Arzaga made me experienced how it's like to participate in Milo's Tennis sport program. 

Why you should get your child into sports

The lifestyle of children nowadays hinders them from being physically active. Most kids spend all day glued to their gadgets or the television. This can lead to several health issues such as poor eyesight, deterioration of posture, and obesity. Aside from health, sports teaches children valuable life lessons such as the value of teamwork, confidence building, acceptance of defeat and celebration of success. Sports teach respect, obedience, and discipline.

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