159 of the 164 Registry of Deeds Offices Now Online


Securing a Certified True Copy of your property title is easier and more convenient. 99 percent of the Registry of Deeds offices are now online. The Land Registration Authority launched its Anywhere-to-Anywhere (A2A) online program back in 2012. The online shift allows title holders the faculty of requesting for their Certified True Copy (CTC) titles by visiting the Registry of Deeds office nearest to them, filling up a form, and claiming it on the same branch after it has been processed.

For easier applications, the LRA has continually worked on expanding its online reach by establishing satellite offices all over the country. Out of the 164 registry offices scattered nationwide, 159 offices are already computerized and ready to provide A2A services.

The launch of A2A follows the heels of LRA’s Online Tracking System (LOTS) which lets title holders check the status of their transactions. The digital service, which can be accessed through the department’s website, sets the pace on the online expansion of LRA’s other services. In the pipeline are other digital projects like the LRA Aksyon Agad Center, e-Title service, Parcel Verification Service, Lot Location Service, Title Trace Back Service, and Geo-Spatial services. 

Currently, the LRA is focused on improving their A2A project by expanding their reach nationwide. The ultimate objective is to incapacitate every land owners and those property buyers for the first time to process easy and convenient registration transaction anywhere in the 7,107 islands in the Philippines. 

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For more information about A2A and other digital services of the Land Registration Authority, visit  http://www.lra.gov.ph/