Forever 21 Launches 2018 Summer Collection Featuring the Newest Brand Ambassadors


Can you guess my age? I wish I could be forever 21 but I'm already 41. Well, at least I could say I still feel like 21. 

I was invited last Saturday to the 2018 Summer Collection Launch of Forever 21 featuring their latest brand ambassadors. The #WeAreForever21 global campaign celebrates individuality and inclusivity. It highlights the desire of the youth for self-expression through their fashion style.

The brand ambassadors represent the style identities not only of Forever 21 but also of today's Filipino youth. 

Forever passionate.
Forever ambitious.
Forever stylish.

The Filipinos work hard and play hard. Forever 21 has a style that will match your personality and your passion.

What I really like about the brand is that I can always find a style that doesn't make me look like I'm not dressing appropriately for my age. 

Have you shopped for your summer #OOTD ?  Head over a Forever 21 branch near you. For the latest collection offerings, follow Forever 21 on facebook and instagram.