5 Ways To Enjoy Summer On A Budget


April is the peak of summer and you are probably seeing beach photos posted on your friends' social media accounts. Are you still dreaming of a perfect getaway but don't have money to splurge? You are not alone. I was dreaming of visiting Boracay one last time before it goes on a 6-month rehabilitation. Well, I just returned from a 3-day vacation and I didn't spend a fortune. That photo was taken in a beach somewhere in Batangas. Nice, right?

5 Ways to Enjoy Summer on a Budget

1. Go on a road trip to a nearby beach

Batangas and Quezon are popular beach destinations. Whether you want a romantic getaway, a family bonding, or a barkada outing, there's a beach resort that will suit your need. While renting a van is the most economical and more convenient way to travel, there are also resorts that are accessible via public transport. 

2. Hotel, Home Vacation Rental or Camping

There are many options for accommodation if you plan an overnight stay instead of a day tour. Since summer is a peak season, hotel rooms are expensive and most probably fully-booked by now. A great alternative is home vacation rental. Beach houses, condo units, and townhouses are usually 40% cheaper and can accommodate more people. If you are the adventurous type, pitching a tent near the beach is fun especially if you are with your friends. 

3. Bring your own food

You've got to make sure first if the resort allows bringing your own food. There are some resorts that charges corkage fees while other resorts only allow food bought in their restaurant. A resort that allows cooking and grilling is the best option if you are a group. 

4. Don't forget the essentials

Are you guilty of always forgetting things you should bring whenever you go on a vacation? Although there are convenience stores and shops, the items they sell are more expensive. 

5. Make sure you have summer ready stuff 

You are probably taking a lot of photos, and partying come night time. You've got to be ready for non-stop fun. I've got here some items from CD-R King, your one-stop media provider, and you can actually purchase these online at http://www.cdrking.com/shoponline

I used to be contented with fan but with the heat index going up, a rechargeable portable fan comes handy. 

Low battery or a drained battery is unacceptable. Your power bank should also be waterproof and shockproof so you need not worry if it's durable enough.


You are probably spending most of your time in the water or near the water. We all know that not all gadgets are created waterproof. Protect your gadget with a waterproof case and bag to enjoy taking photos without the fear of getting your gadget wet.

Free up both your hands with a floating handle for action camera and take that underwater shot you've been dreaming about.

Set the party mood with your music playlist and a waterproof bluetooth speaker. 

Staying up late by the beach? It could get really dark on your way back to the cottage. Or if you plan to sleep in a tent, a LED rechargeable camping lantern comes handy.

I could go on and on with things to bring on your getaway but I'm sure you've got other things in mind. One thing for sure, CD-R King has it for you. 

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