How To Choose A Good Pair of Shoes


I am a granddaughter of Marikina shoemakers. My toddler shoes were all custom-made and I had all the cute designs and colors you can think of. When I started going to school, my mom would accompany me to makers of school shoes in Marikina. I was very lucky to always own two identical pairs for the school year. The reason for owning two pairs was because I usually got my shoes wet during rainy season so a spare was a must. 

School Shoes by Checkpoint at the "Balik Eskwela Gamit Sapatos Marikina"Marikina City Shoe Festival

I know how durable those Marikina-made shoes were because they had endured the rain, mud, and flood. I also remember owning a pair of shoes with soles made from airplane tires. I really don't know if that was true or my mom made fun of me when she said that was the most durable shoes in the entire world.

When I was in college, whenever I buy a pair of shoes my grandpa would inspect to check if I chose a good pair of shoes. I think that made me meticulous in a good way. 

How to choose a good pair of shoes

Moccasin Shoe Collection

The Design

If the pair looks good on the shelf, chances are it looks good on my feet. Classic designs appeal to me. While I go for stylish shoes from time to time, most of my shoes don't go out of style. I also love shoes that I can match with any color of my outfit and bag. 

The Quality

I am always willing to pay for quality. I have shoes that are already more than 5 years old. When buying a leather shoes, make sure you get a REAL leather shoes. They last longer than synthetic. Real leather  creased beautifully compared to artificial.  Soles that are sewn are also more durable than the glued ones. 

Checkpoint Casual Shoes Collection

The Comfort

The shoes must fit well the first time I try it. I don't believe on the "it can get better" after the break-in period I'm willing to suffer now. And if the pair of shoes is too big, it will never get better. 

The Price

I splurge but I am most of the time a practical shopper. I always look for affordable shoes without compromising the quality. I support local manufacturers and backyard businesses because they take pride in the quality of their products. 

Balik Eskwela Gamit Sapatos Marikina

Have you started shopping for your children's school shoes? The Marikina City Shoe Festival is having a "Balik Eskwela Gamit Sapatos Marikina" Bazaar from May 17 to June 10, 2018 located along Shoe Avenue at the side of Marikina Elementary School. 

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4. Huwag kalimutan I-tag ang taong sa tingin mo ay nararapat makakuha ng sapatos

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5. Pipili ang mga magsasapatos na kalahok sa BALIK ESKWELA GAMIT SAPATOS MARIKINA sa mga sumusunod na dates:

a. May 23 – 5 winners of 1 pair of shoes
b. May 30- 5 winners of 1 pair of shoes
c. June 6 - 5 winners of 1 pair of shoes

6. Deadline of submission of entry

May 22, 3pm for May 23 winners
May 29, 3pm for May 30 winners
June 5, 3pm for June 6 winners

7. Winners will be announced on the fb page and notified through FB messenger and through phone.

Visit the Marikina City Shoe Festival now. Discounts will be given to senior citizens and  PWD with ID. All national and local government employees are entitled to 10% discount upon presentation of government ID.