Filipinos Career Success Stories Through


The next generation of job seekers is fresh on the market and looking to take their first steps into their careers. Not everyone will know what’s in store for them in their search for their calling, but Philippines may have a healthy dose of inspiration to keep them motivated.

As Philippines’ hold on the online jobs marketplace grows, so too do the many stories of happy candidates who found their jobs through the site. 

Jennifer Padua, a Digital Marketing Manager, graduated with a degree in Political Science, but through JobStreet was connected to a career path that ended up being very different from the path she chose in school. "As cliché as it sounds, you just have to try and try sending your resumé to potential employers. You’ll never know what new opportunities are out there unless you try."

Junel De Guzman Aceres, a Front-End Web Developer, tells a story that revolves around perseverance. After his first internship, he found himself at first turned away by some companies to which he applied. But he soldiered on, making extensive use of JobStreet to find more opportunities. Ultimately, he ended up working full-time for the company where he interned in the first place. "For all the jobseekers out there, I urge them to hold on to their dreams. Nothing in life comes easy, so do not give up even if you feel you've been rejected too many times."

It's stories like these that can drive future candidates to keep searching for their dream job. 

To celebrate these happy and feel-good stories of finding one’s place, JobStreet Philippines has launched the My JobStreet Stories testimonial campaign, which aims to encourage candidates through the many success stories that have been told through JobStreet.

Did you find your dream job through JobStreet? Were you able to expand your horizons and find something entirely different from what you were expecting, but no less appealing? Share your stories with JobStreet! Your journey will be a source of enthusiasm for others, motivating them to keep going – even when the going seems tough in this competitive job market.

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