Smelly Hair Problem?


Grilled barbecue, sizzling sisig, crispy pata. The smell of these food makes you salivate, right?

Going on a food crawl or undertaking a gustatory exploration of the metro’s much talked about neighborhood foodie destinations, more popularly known as food parks or food streets, is one exciting activity people love doing these days. After all, eating is life!

If you are in Quezon City, there is a line of eateries along Maginhawa Street in Teacher’s Village known for its laidback vibe and variety of budget-friendly cuisines. Other popular neighborhood destinations for “eatventure” lovers can be found in Kapitolyo, Pasig along East Capitol Drive and its nearby streets. 

There is also the Lilac Street in Marikina, where one can find a lot of homey restos and unique cafes. The list could go on and on.

Nonetheless, there are downsides to this adventure. Aside from the extra calories, you would most probably take with you the smell of the various meals that you ate after each food park visit as the odor tends to stick to your clothes and hair. Same is true when you are dining in a cafeteria or cooking at home. 

This can really be awful and oftentimes becomes a source of embarrassment. Imagine bumping into your crush afterwards, and he could readily tell you just ate sisig or isaw. Or your get-together with some friends is just starting and you don’t feel fresh and cool at all because your hair smells of food. 

But unlike clothes that you can change or spray cologne on to quickly get rid of the food smells, you cannot change your hair. You are stuck with your hair, so to speak. You can wash or shower off the smell though, but this is not possible when you are in the middle of work or when you’re travelling. 

It’s a good thing, though, that there is now a quick fix to this hair concern – Vitress Hair Freshener. This breakthrough product from Splash Corporation’s Vitress Hair care Solutions is infused with the revolutionary Insta-fresh technology, which immediately takes away unwanted odor from your hair and replaces it with a long-lasting fresh scent. That is, while leaving your hair smooth and shiny!

So, go on and immerse yourself in your next food trip without worries as Vitress Hair Freshener lets you enjoy the offerings of the latest food park, cafeteria or any food outlet, or even your own kitchen, for that matter, without the after-smell. A few sprays of Vitress Hair Freshener are all you need to instantly refresh your hair.

Not only does the innovative product eliminate food smells from your hair, but also unwanted odor from sweat, cigarette smoke, vehicle smoke emission, or what have you. 

Perfect for everyday use and can be re-applied as needed, Vitress Hair Freshener lets you have shiny-fresh hair anytime, anywhere!

You can buy Vitress Hair Freshener from your favorite supermarkets, drugstores and department stores nationwide at SRP of only Php55.