How OPPO’s VOOC flash charge helps you save 31 days in a year


Imagine what you can do with your smartphone if you can save 31 days in a year without the hassle of wall-charging with cables or carrying a power bank. In that time, you can not only make many important calls, but also focus on your passion, work, and day-to-day activities related to your device.

A low-battery notification is the last thing that a busy, multi-tasking individual needs, especially during crunch time. When a smartphone’s battery power gets dangerously low, you know that high-performance tasks like calls, listening to music, watching videos, playing games, or using mobile data are no-no’s until you plug the device in to a wall socket or a power bank.

However, access to a power source isn’t a guarantee that you can immediately jump back to the activities interrupted by a low-battery notification—more often than not, smartphones require around an hour to bring the user back to normal operations.

With a fast-paced lifestyle, waiting around for your device to stock enough power to fuel your most pressing tasks simply won’t do. You need a smartphone that can keep up with your pace, like the OPPO Find X or the OPPO F9.

Groundbreaking rapid-charge technology

The high-end OPPO Find X and mid-range OPPO F9 both boast of the breakthrough VOOC Flash Charge technology. This groundbreaking proprietary tech was developed by OPPO to deliver more power to select devices in a lot less time. Compared to other quick-charge features in the market, VOOC uses a higher current instead of increasing the voltage during the charging process.

A standard 5V 1A charger reaches its full charge in 200 minutes when the smartphone is off, and 255 minutes when turned on. With OPPO’s VOOC flash charger, it zooms up to full charge in only 76 minutes when turned off and 95 minutes when on. When the smartphone is off, the VOOC flash charger charges 124 minutes faster than the standard charger. If a user charges his or her phone once a day, they save 45,260 minutes in a year, which is converted to approximately 754.33 hours, or 31 days—or one whole month! VOOC lets you power through your days with this extra time, and achieve more throughout the year.

User safety is also an OPPO guarantee with this technology—VOOC Flash Charge comes with five layers of protection that cover the charging adapter and the smartphone for a lightning-fast and super-safe charge.

Do more in less time 

Don’t have 76 minutes to get to the full charge? The VOOC Flash Charge has you covered no matter how quick you need to be out the door. Within just five minutes of charging, you can expect to enjoy up to two hours of call time—more than enough to make all the important calls you need to before you get another charging opportunity. 

Five minutes is all it takes to jump right back into the action with OPPO VOOC. You can take hundreds of photos and videos, plan and book your next trip, or answer important emails wherever you might be. 

Fifteen minutes of charging also empowers you to listen to your favorite tunes, podcasts, and audio files for up to 30 hours; that’s around 1,200 songs in just fifteen minutes, roughly the length of five songs! 

Entertainment buffs will be delighted that they can enjoy up to five hours of video time with a single 25-minute charge—more than enough juice to binge on five episodes of your favorite series or two of the latest blockbusters on the go. For avid mobile gamers, all they need is 35 minutes of charging time for more than four hours of intense gaming marathons! 

The OPPO Find X is available for PHP 49,990.00 (8GB RAM, 256GB ROM) while the OPPO F9 retails for PHP 17,990.00 (6GB RAM, 64GB ROM). For more information on OPPO’s exciting products and activities, like OPPO Philippines’ official Facebook page and follow @OPPOPhilippines on Twitter and Instagram.