Things To Remember When Travelling With Children


Any parent who has more than one child is already taking on the biggest challenge life can give them: more than one wriggler at a time! However, it’s the parents that take multiple children on vacation that are the warriors among us, and if they can keep their kids quiet and calm on a flight? All the more reason to show some respect. Travelling with kids? Not a piece of cake. 

Children are unpredictable. Children are chaos in miniature and, as yet, they don't know how to contain their chaos. That’s okay: they’re not supposed to just yet, they haven't been jaded by life. Travelling with children is unpredictable, too, and as parents, we have to suit up, prepare and hope for the best. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what you should never forget to do when you are taking your children on vacation abroad:

Never Overpack

Children come with a lot of paraphernalia, and the younger they are, the more you have to carry. If you are headed abroad, book an Airbnb with a washer and dryer. Then, bring half the amount of clothes you would normally bring and wash them throughout the vacation. 

Never Forget Medicine

Flights with children can be painful for them. You know what it feels like to have your ears pop as you descend, so make sure that you are well equipped with infant paracetamol and dose all the children up as you need. They shouldn't have to be in pain, plus it’s helpful to have a bottle of what they need for any illness when you land.

Never Forget To Book Everything In Advance

Are you planning to visit theme parks or have experiences while you are on vacation? If you plan to go beyond the resort and head to see the rest of your location, book tickets ahead. This way, you can print them off before you go and minimize your queuing time. You can do this for the airport seats and lounges, too. 

Never Forget The Pushchair!

So many people make the rookie mistake of believing that because their toddler walks nicely to and from the park, it’ll be fine on vacation. The reality is that children are unpredictable, so bring the pushchair. You don't need to bring the giant terrain pushchair with tank-sized wheels, though. Just a small umbrella buggy that can be put into the hold of the plane will do! It’ll help to contain the baby as places get busier.

Never Forget To Plan Extra Time

Wherever you go, plan an extra hour for everything. You want to be early or on time, but you don't know what your kids are going to do. So, plan to be everywhere an hour earlier. That way, if you’re half an hour late, you’re still 30 minutes early.

Travelling with children requires impeccable planning. You have this covered if you are well-prepared, and with the five tips above, you can be ready for anything in a new location.