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When I was planning for our Singapore trip, I searched for new activities to try. I've read from tripadvisor that iFly is a must try. There was no iFly yet during our previous trips to Singapore. I checked out the website and then send the link to my husband just in case he is interested (and I know he will be!) I know he will not pass up the chance to fly!

Day one at Sentosa Island, he booked his flight. The Adult Challenge Skydiving Package for first timers costs SGD79. This includes 2 skydives for 45 seconds each flight. 

He was instructed to arrive an hour earlier than his scheduled flight. He needed to attend first a fifteen minutes training.

Ready to fly...

My husband enjoyed his iFly session he paid an extra SGD30 for another flight.

Taking photographs and videos are not allowed (but not strictly implemented). Souvenir photos and dvd are available for sale. The souvenir photo costs SGD28. We bought the dvd for SGD30. 

And yeah, there's a certificate :D

Here's a link of the video

iFly Singapore
43 Siloso Beach Walk
Sentosa Island, Singapore
+65 6571 0000

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