K-Yan: The Smart All-in-one Device


I find education very important. The learning environment plays a major role in the development of the students. I also believe that learning institutions should be equipped with highly effective and efficient tools to aid both the educators and the students.

K-Yan All-in-one Device

I was invited to the launch of the latest version of a very innovative product last December 3 at the Discovery Primea in Makati. The K-Yan, also known as The Knowledge Vehicle, is a portable, easy to use, plug and play device which converts any wall into an interactive surface. Developed in collaboration with IIT Bombay, this technologically advance device is now available in the Philippines through Vinea Distribution Inc.

K-Yan offers unparalleled user experience -- be it within a classroom, a community awareness programme or as entertaining system for your home.

K-Yan, Interactive, unique ALL-IN-ONE

Weighing only 6 kgs, this single compact unit is a computer, a television, a projector, an audio system, a dvd player and an interactive white board.

  • High End Computing System (Windows 10)
  • High Luminosity Projector (3000 lumens)
  • DVD Drive
  • Ethernet LAN Port
  • Embedded High Quality Audio System
  • USB Ports
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
  • Inbuilt Interactivity

Deepti Lamba, COO IL & FS Education

The K-Yan based solution comes with a host of value added services like:

Interactive Multimedia Content
  • 10,000+ Multimedia units for K-12 designed to strengthen concept-based learning
Virtual Experiments

  • 400+ Simulation-based interactive virtual science and math experiments that aid experiential learning
Teacher Training

  • Capacity building programmes for teachers on use of technology and improved classroom management
Educational Videos
  • Videos that make science concepts simplistic and contextual



Knowledge Classrooms. Pre-loaded with 2D/3D multimedia content, K-Yan facilitates better understanding of concepts.

Empower Teachers. K-Yan with its built-in interactivity empowers teachers to improve student engagement in classrooms.

Online Resources. Internet connectivity enables access to a wide library of educational resources and video streaming.


Training Programme. The large screen projection capability of K-Yan allows for group training programmes.

Information Dissemination. The portable design of the K-Yan makes it a handy information dissemination tool.

Communication. Equipped with a web camera and internet connectivity, K-Yan facilitate video conferencing.


Television. K-Yan converts into a large screen TV when connected to a set-up box.

Home Theater. Enables a home theater-like experience with large screen projection and superior audio.

Gaming. K-Yan can be connected to various gaming consoles delivering a live gaming environment.

For product inquiries and more information, contact

Vinea Distribution Inc.
1001 Summit One Office Tower
530 Shaw Boulevard, 1550, Mandaluyong City
(02) 535.7333