Members of the esteemed Sony Xperia Photography Philippines and  Xperia Club participated yesterday at the Mobile Photography Workshop hosted by Sony Philippines held at the Top Shelf of Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street.

Set Designer and Visualizer Ron Lee (IG: @thatdesignerguyy) shared some tips on photo styling. He showed us how to creatively compose concepts for flat lay design and still photography. 

"We're captive on the carousel of time, 
we can't return we can only look behind."

"My soul is an empty carousel at sunset." - Neruda

I took these photos using my ever reliable Sony Xperia Z1. Ron Lee provided the props for the shoot and we had the liberty to create a scene. I'm really not very creative when it comes to composing a scene. Ron stressed out on the importance of putting together all the elements to create a cohesive story through photography. Most of my blog related photos are posted in my @snappedandscribbled instagram account.

I'm more into food photography. I guess you can never be wrong with food as your subject. Check out my foodie instagram at @foodiecheatday 

Mobile Photographer and one of the admins of Sony Xperia Photography Philippines Linus Banaag (IG: @jhnbanaag) taught us how to #GetAheadWithXperia by making the most of what the camera phone's settings has to offer. Most of us are guilty of being to lazy to get to know our phone's capability. I am guilty of that. I am most of the time just contented with the phone's default setting. Linus gave us a walk through of the Xperia's manual camera settings and demonstrated how to achieve better quality pictures by adjusting the ISO, Resolution, SCN modes among others. 

Join our Sony Xperia Photography Philippines facebook group and have access to tutorials from our admins and members. We are almost 7,000 members strong! 

The Sony Xperia X Series

Sony Philippines also took the opportunity to let the attendees experience the Sony Xperia X Series. Sony Xperia X boasts of a 23MP rear camera with quick start up capability. It enables you to capture a photo from stand by in 0.60 seconds. That's as quick as a blink of an eye! Xperia X's front camera just got more exciting for selfie lovers out there with it's 13MP camera equipped with Sony's renowned low light sensors. 

Are you living an action packed life? The X series camera has an object tracking with motion prediction engine. Capture life's unexpected moments without the blur! The camera features SteadyShot™ video stabilization for shooting smooth videos and minimizing any “shaky cam” effects. 

And how about the battery life? It can last you for 2 days with the stamina mode. Sony Xperia X's smart battery management can be optimized up to 2x the battery's life span. 

Sony Xperia X retails at PhP29,990 and the Sony Xperia XA retails at PhP13,990.

Visit  http://www.sonymobile.com/us/products/phones/xperia-x/ to know more about Sony Xperia X Series.

I'm into mobile photography since I started blogging. All the photos on my blog are taken using Sony Xperia Z1. I'm no techie and I used to take mediocre photos. My skill has improved a lot when I joined the Sony Xperia Photography Philippines group. 

Sony Xperia Club and Sony Xperia Photography Philippines
at the exclusive Mobile Photography Workshop


  1. Wow, so happy to know there's such a group, I'd be happy to be part of this, me personally used Sony Xperia z1 in my blog pictures and YouTube videos, excited to learn more

    1. Oh that's nice! Join our fb group. We have members from all over the Philippines and abroad.

  2. The pic of a scissor just caught my eye :) It's so nice to have such events by the companies. I haven;t used a Sony phone in ages, but some of my friends do, and I know the pixels are captured really well. Great pic of the carousel!

  3. Cool! Too bad I can't join the team cause I'm not using Xperia but I'm glad I'm not lazy to get to know my phone's capability hahaha love your carousel photo.

  4. Never used a Sony phone but looking at your photos, the results are amazing. A lot of people are now into phoneography. It's faster and very convenient especially when you're traveling.

  5. I always wanted to have a xperia! This mobile (for me) has the greatest build in camera and the good thing about Sony as well is they conduct activities like this to further hone their users talent in photography.

  6. I wish I could have come to this event. Huhuhu! Most people now goes for mobile photography due to the unavailability and price of a DSLR + Accessories.


  7. I am planning to buy a new phone and I am torn between S7 and Experia. Reading your post is very timely.

  8. How come I missed this event? Been thinking to purchase Sony Xperia as I think it would help to develop great photos.

  9. Not everyone can afford a DSLR camera so workshops like these are very helpful. Also you can be caught outside with just your mobile phone and want to take a shot. Mobile photography differs I think depending on the phone.

  10. I also take photos using my mobile phone when covering events as it is handy and not bulky when I travel. I love the features that they improved on the xperia phones. What i love about xperia is the quality photos and the durability. Your photos looks stunning and I do food photography as well.

  11. I love that Sony is doing this mobile photography workshop for bloggers. Great way to market their products. Were they able to teach some composition tips during the talks? I hope so!
    I believe learning the basic composition will improve one's photos and would help a lot with your blogging too. Photos make our readers want to stay longer and read our articles.



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