I don't really know what is so special about turning 40. My countdown says 13 more days to go. Well, I'm excited that I'm gonna celebrate my birthday again with the family at The Linden Suites. I'm also happy that I am committed to my #FitAtForty fitness goal. I used to play tennis and regularly join zumba classes at Marikina Sports Center until the laziness bug bit me.  It was only when I was invited to the Adidas FitSquad that I got back to being physically active again.

And now that I'm back in the groove, I was invited by Armi of http://homeiskool.blogspot.com/ to workout at Vibe Fitness Studio. I almost missed this opportunity because I got sick.

Vibe Fitness Studio is located in Mandaluyong. Although I came all the way from Antipolo, I find the location of the studio conveniently accessible. It only took me 45 minutes to reach the SM Light Mall in Pioneer. Thank God for LRT and MRT! By the way, the MRT Boni Station is connected to the SM Light Mall so you need not worry about commuting. There is also a UV Express station at the nearby Robinson's Forum. I opted for the shuttle service going home.

As I entered the studio, I immediately felt the positive energy greeting me. I love that it's brightly lit and well-ventilated. The place is also clean and smells fresh. I really hate fitness studios that smell like sweat and rubber.

The Active Room is where the 30-minute classes take place. The Vibe Energize is a 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training that uses body weight focusing on the basic movement patterns. Total Body Toning Class includes exercises such as goblet squats, bird dog, body weight lunges, dumbbell exercises and planking.

The Zen Room is where they hold the Vibe Zen class. It is a 60-minute yoga where the adoption of specific bodily postures and movements promotes spiritual tranquility and aesthetic disciple using breath control and meditation for health and relaxation.

The Fit Box will soon be available. This is where the weights and crossfit training will take place.

It was my first time to try Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) Suspension Training. I was a bit hesitant at first because I doubt if my arms are strong enough. But thanks to coach Jay, he made my TRX experience an enjoyable one.

I do planking at home so this is a bit easy for me. Coach Jay said I have an instagram-worthy form and that compliment really made me happy. It's great to know I've been doing it correctly at home.

The Oxygen Bar

Inhale the goodness of clean air at Vibe Fitness Studio's Oxygen Bar. I've tried this before somewhere at an expensive price. Members of Vibe can enjoy the Oxygen Bar after workout while lounging at the locker room area. I almost dozed off after having my 15-minute fix of oxygen infused with Cherry.

The comfy couch at the Locker Room

The Oxygen Bar has five flavors to choose from. Cherry is for those suffering from sleep disorder. Eucalyptus gives you a boost of energy. A bit stressed out? There's Vanilla for calming, Winter Green for chilling out and Lavander for stress relief. Craving for a buffet after working out? Almond can help suppress your appetite.

TRX with Mars, Armi and Coach Jay
Wanna start your fitness journey with Vibe? Membership is only P3,500/month. If you've got an unpredictable schedule like me, they offer a Day Pass for P500 or a Per Class Pass for P300. One-on-one personal training is also available. Studio rental starts at P2,000.

Thank you so much Vibe Fitness Studio for this advance birthday treat -- a two-month membership! Yey!! Vibe is truly my #FitAtForty fitness partner :)

Here's the September Schedule:

PS. They have a Vibe Workout Party every Friday and Saturday night. That's burning calories while having fun!

Vibe Fitness Studio
L2 Light Residences
Mandaluyong City
Tel No. (02) 570.5088
Website: http://vibe.com.ph/
FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/VibeStudioPH/


  1. Happy 40th! Good for you for getting out and trying new things! It looks like a great place and a really good workout!

  2. Looks like a fun place to get fit and also enjoy especially in the company of friends. Among all, I would love to try the Total Resitistance Exercise (TRX) Suspension training. It seems too easy but I know it could be deceiving. Nonetheless, I still would love to try it. I hope to find a branch near ours. By the way, happy birthday to you.

    1. Thanks Berlin :)
      I was a bit hesitant to try TRX but it was surprisingly not difficult. I prefer this over crossfit. They only have the SM Light branch for now. I'm also hoping they'll open a branch near where I reside.

  3. Gym looks amazing. They offer unique offerings like the oxygen bar. So the question is, how is the place during peak times? I have heard of some people complaining about how full it was in another gym during peak times that it is impossible to get a decent workout. I hope this one, Vibe Fitness, has a limit on customers.

    1. They have a schedule of the classes available every day. This is a fitness studio (not a gym) so the workouts here are functional trainings. You won't see exercise machines.

  4. Oh wow.. this is pretty amazing... I really wish we have this in Malaysia... I love that oxygen bar.... we need that here for sure

  5. I just ssubscribed for fitness here. I will start october 3rd. SO now I'm excited to already read some fitness posts. can't wait to start myself. I'm impressed by the The Oxygen Bar! Never seen something like that.

  6. the location is perfect! Despite heavy traffic, you are still in the middle of metro manila so you don't have to drive from one end to another. Their place looks simply comfortable. I feel that each guest will have his/her enough spot to be fit. Embrace your 40 years of living well! :)

  7. For more than a week now, I've been regularly doing sit ups and squats. I am to remove my post pregnancy belly fats and I hope that will happen in 1 yr time, before hubby comes home. hehe. I like to try out the gym too, but there's none near our place, I think.

  8. Hey! Advance Happy birthday to you! VIBE makes me want to fly to Mandaluyong!!! And for such a low monthly membership, I'm quite shocked none of my friends in the area have tried it out. Here in Bicol, the membership is 5k/month. The place looks very light and fresh too! I HAVE to try at least a day pass when I'm visiting the area. thank you for this!

  9. This gym looks really cool and I could actually feel the positive vibe just by looking at the photos. You are right, the place is brightly lit and exudes a lot of positivity. Speaking of being positive, it is really nice that you are being physically active and keeping fit as you turn 40. Age is just a number :)

  10. That looks like loads of fun!!! I wish it were nearer. My problem is proximity to workout spaces, there are not a lot in my area. Do they offer free trials by any chance? I definitely think I could do TRX!

  11. Wow what a glamourous gym. That oxygen bar looks so innovating. That's something I never see in Stockholm. You must be so proud of this!


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