Barre3 Workout With Adidas Women FitSquad


When I received an invite from Adidas Women FitSquad for September's workout session, the subject line read "Triple Threat Training". Last August was the most challenging so far and I said to myself, what could it be this time? 

A few days before the workout, we were told to post on Instagram a short video doing the Narrow Athletic V. I thought it's easy to do. Check out my video HERE.

We had our barre3 workout at Steps Dance Studio in Makati City. National athlete and gymnast Irish Planes was our instructor. She briefed us on what to expect during the session. Noticed her position while briefing us?

Barre3 is a combination of ballet, yoga and pilates. At first I thought this was all about flexibility and balance. The moment we started the session, I realized that strength also plays a major role. Imagine doing squats while on tiptoe?

It was a fun night with my workout friends. It was amazing that what seems to be a simple pose could make you produce buckets of sweat.

I'm super looking forward to our October workout session!