Zumba Twiinzified World Beatzz 5th Anniversary Party


It's the Philippine Twiinz 5th anniversary and there's no other way to celebrate than to have a zumba party. It is also Business Mirror Health and Fitness 5th anniversary. I know this event is not to be missed. I've been to the dynamic duo's parties and they are really worth attending.

They say surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel because energies are contagious. ZIN Manny Licsi is Gold's Gym Zumbathon 2 Zumba King and ZIN Alec Pang is Gold's Gym Zumbathon 2 Grand Champion. They are the country's first Zumba fitness tandem instructors. They also won the 2015 Zumba Worldwide Video Competition. They are one of the best. But I admire them on a different level. They are good people who deserve all the best that this lifetime can offer.

Twiinzified. the act of being transformed into a super fan after experiencing a world class zumba party with the award-winning duo Alec and Manny.

Zumba enthusiasts gathered at the SM Skydome last March 26, 2017 for a 3-hour high energy, fun-filled dance party. The party started with a warm-up routine. The Twiinz let us experience the 30-minute Samba Skelan Joint Exercise Program.

Participants were encouraged to come in their National Costume and at the end of the party awards were given.

Make sure you are attending the next zumba party of the Twiinz. The 360 degrees stage setup allows you to dance and party non-stop!