How Much Protein Do You Need Per Day


Have you ever asked yourself “Why do we eat?” 

From early childhood, every person knows that he or she needs food to ensure a full-fledged existence. Actually, everyone feels this need since a certain period without nutrition causes the feeling of hunger. In fact, the food for the body acts as a fuel for the engine. Gas comes to cylinders and burns there. As a result, the engine induces a required movement or rotation. A human organism is a far complicated structure than the combustion engine. However, the general principle is similar – the food comes to the stomach and is digested to supply versatile nutrients for the functionality of numerous biological processes.

Based on the above, we will focus on one of the most important ingredients required for the human organism.

Body Building Blocks

When we aim at protein, it is better to start with its significance for the organism. This component plays a key role in structuring organs, tissues, skin, and musculature. Besides, the ingredient is widely used by the organism to produce versatile enzymes and molecules for miscellaneous tasks. In short, the significance of this element is beyond words.

Why Do We Need It

According to numerous articles on customerhealthguide, dozens of merchandise use protein as the core ingredient. At the same time, almost each natural product has a certain content of it. The thing is that a regular ration or diet cannot supply enough amount of the element to the body. It is especially topical when a person has the increased needs for protein. It refers mostly to weight management purposes when one strives to either reduce or increase a body mass.

Daily Need for Protein

Specialists in the field of dietary science have calculated a mean daily need for this ingredient. This rate refers to the dietary reference intake (DRI), which equals 0.8g of the said element per one kg. If metric system is unknown to you, the DRI amounts to 0.36g per lb. So, if your body mass is 75kg (165lbs), you need 60g of the nutrient a day. This rate does not vary by sex or age. Nevertheless, this protein DRI is not the obligatory requirement to meet. Recent studies show that an optimal health condition requires much more amount of this ingredient. In most cases, such needs are associated with an active lifestyle.

When you go in for sports and take additional sources of protein, 0.36g turns into 1 or even 1.5g of the nutrient per pound of your weight. The reason for such enormous increase is an enhanced load on musculature. During your workout sessions or other physical activities, microfibers of muscular tissue experience rupture that is followed by the restoration and, hence, the growth of muscles. On this account, the regular DRI is not enough since this rate foresees a regular activity of the organism without extra expenses of energy and building blocks for muscles. Therefore, most of the athletes try to expand their rich-in-protein nutrition with special additives such as powders, shakes and other merchandise based on this essential ingredient.

Hopefully, this article will be of service if you doubt in the necessity to enhance your daily protein intake.