Sunpiology Resolution Run A Huge Success


I have been dreaming of one day joining a fun run. I signed up on a few but never got myself to join on the event day. When I got invited to sign up for the Sun Life Financial Sunpiology Resolution Run, I didn't have second thoughts. I must admit though that I was doubting if I'd be able to finish the 3K. 

Why Sunpiology Resolution Run

Sunpiology is not just all about running and scoring a selfie with the celebrities. It raises awareness about diabetes. I was a borderline type 2 diabetes and was not even aware how close I am to having the disease. The event supports the diabetes awareness programs of the Institute of Studies for Diabetes Foundation, Inc. Sunpiology also raise funds for education of the scholars of the Hebreo 12:1 Foundation and Star Magic scholars.

A personal achievement

My husband joined me at the Sunpiology Run. It was also his first time but he was not there just to tick off an item from his bucket list. He has been supportive of me in everything I want to do and achieve  no matter how crazy my ideas are sometimes. He joined the run to make sure I will make it to the finish line. He paced me during the first half of the run and let me go on my own for the remaining half.

I can't forget the happy look on his face when I saw him waiting for me and his arms wide open to embrace me as I crossed the finish line. I dedicate my 3K finisher medal to him because whenever I doubt myself, he always believe in me and make me believe in myself again. Just like Sun Life, he makes me live brighter.