Sundays at Marikina Sports Center


What do you usually do on a Sunday night?

I used to just lazily wait for the weekend to end. But when we transferred to our new house a year ago, Marikina Sports Center is just 10 minutes away from where we live now. Instead of just lying in bed while watching tv, me and hubby made it a habit to burn the week-long gastronomic indulgence at the center.

I started attending last November 2012 the aerodance class of Garnet, a resident fitness instructor in Marikina Sports Center. His schedule is Monday to Sunday at 8 in the evening. The P50 one hour session is good enough to make me sweat. Garnet's Zumba class every Tuesdays and Thursdays is also a recommended class to attend especially if you want to burn lots of calories.

While I dance the night away, hubby is at the other end of the complex playing tennis. The tennis court at the Marikina Sports Center is well-lit which makes it a good venue for night play.  I also took tennis lessons here in 2008 with my hubby's tennis coach Obet.

Then before heading home, cool down by jogging around the track. 


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