Miniso Travel Finds at SM City Marikina


Do you love to travel? I do. A lot. But I guess I will never be good at packing light. Whether it's an overnight staycation or a trip somewhere far,  I've got non-negotiable travel essentials that I always bring with me no matter where I go. 

I was at the newly-opened Miniso branch in SM City Marikina and I can't help but shop. If you are planning a trip any time soon, here are some of my travel finds at Miniso.

Travel Pillow

Unless you are travelling first class, sleeping comfortably during a trip is a challenge. I usually travel very early in the morning and I make up for lost sleep while in transit. A travel pillow keeps my head in place and also serves as an additional pillow I could cuddle.

Miniso has a section filled with cute and cuddly pillows the only problem you'll have is deciding which one to bring as your travel sleeping companion.

Headset or earphones 

I download Netflix series to keep me entertained during long trips. I'm into K-drama recently (a confessed late bloomer) and even though I don't understand what the characters were saying, I want to hear their voices while reading the subtitle. 

Noise-cancelling headphones also makes travelling bearable should there be passengers talking loudly or a toddler having tantrums. 


Need to hide those puffy eyes or a shield from the sun's bright rays? You should never leave the house without a pair of sunglasses in your bag. Plus, it's a perfect accessory for your #OOTD.

Travel-size Toiletries

I used to bring all my full size toiletries whenever I travel and they weigh more than a kilo! Good thing Miniso has leak-proof containers for my beauty stuff.

Cosmetic / Storage Bag

Of course, you need a reliable bag (my husband refers to it as "your kikay kit" with a teasing tone) to store all those mini bottles of toiletries. I like the one that I can hang in the bathroom.

Flannel Blanket

Have you ever experienced feeling so cold because the hotel did not provide a good blanket? I always bring my own blanket. It somehow makes me feel secure. A flannel blanket is light weight and the soft texture is really comforting. 


I've got 6 different sizes of luggage at home. The most used is the smallest since I'm fond of hotel staycations in the city. I was amazed when I saw the MINIGO suitcase. It is lightweight and an affordable version of the one I own. 

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in you sail. Explore. Dream. Discover. - Mark Twain

So, where do you plan to go? How about travelling to Miniso at SM City Marikina for starters?

PS. I need a hat.