Coconut Oil Kills Cancer Cells Plus Other Health Benefits


The Philippines is a country where there's an abundant supply of coconut. We are blessed with a tropical weather and rich soil. There are also provinces in our country where coconut is a part of their cuisine. But there's more to coconut than just a kitchen staple. Over the years, more and more health benefits from coconut are being discovered.

Continuous studies have been made about coconut oil's role in killing cancer cells. Coconut is rich in anti-oxidant, a property that helps prevent cell damage. A publication from ResearchGate, a professional network of scientists and researchers, also cited that lauric acid can induce the death of cancer cells.

Lauric acid is a saturated fat found coconut oil. Another source of lauric acid is the human breast milk. According to Dr. Mary G. Enig, a nutritionist and researcher, an intake of 10 to 20 mg of lauric acid per day is beneficial to both growing kids and adults. In order to maximize the health benefits of coconut oil, the source should be cold-pressed and extra virgin.

For people, it is such a struggle to drink spoonfuls of coconut oil. Salutare Inc., the exclusive distributor of Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil, has launched the product in 2005. Growrich VCO is pure virgin coconut oil in capsule. It is extracted from fresh coconut meat by natural means and is chemically free without subjecting the oil to heat. It is the First and Patented Virgin Coconut Oil in hard gels approved by our Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil
  • helps build and maintain our immune system
  • has natural antioxidant properties
  • boosts energy and vitality
  • improves our ability to absorb important minerals
  • promotes weight loss
  • helps in bacterial/fungal/viral infection
  • reduces the risk of heart attacks, strokes and cancer
  • lowers cholesterol
  • helps improve poor skin texture and reduces falling hair
  • prevents constipation
  • promotes lauric acid in breast-feeding mothers
  • helps in the proper distribution of nutrients throughout the body
Growrich Virgin Coconut Oil is available at  Mercury Drugstores nationwide. SRP is PhP8.00/capsule. Recommended dosage is 2 capsules per day.